We're on a mission to provide

opportunities for healing

through mind-body therapy, speaking, training, and consulting.

Strengths we can build on

We help people meet their goals as we:

obstacles in the way

partner to assess and determine

develop appropriate tools

Support the body's reconnection to its innate wholeness




Somatic Freedom Therapy was great at listening to me and suggesting management strategies, and was very responsive to my reporting of what was and wasn’t helpful to me.

Somatic Freedom Therapy has been amazing. I cannot say enough good things. I was supported on my journey all theses years and I've never once felt judged or misunderstood. I will my therapist

Fantastic! I found Somatic Freedom Therapy to be a helpful and capable therapists and I appreciate all of the help  given me.

Somatic Freedom Therapy is great! Somatic Freedom Therapy really helped me with so many issues, from postpartum to my marriage, from parenting to childhood trauma. I'm able to control my anger, sit with my emotions and stand my ground without being aggressive. That's all because of Somatic Freedom Therapy.

Somatic Freedom Therapy has been compassionate and effective in providing the tools I needed to process life situations and their impacts on me. Somatic Freedom Therapy helped me understand certain anxieties and intrusive thoughts I'd been having and work through these. I'm very grateful for having Somatic Freedom Therapy therapists!

I’m truly grateful to have chosen the right practice to help support and guide me through a challenging time as I journey through pivoting away from behaviors that no longer serve my desired growth. Somatic Freedom Therapy has been a true companion on my road to better mental, emotional, and spiritual awakening.




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